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Spent the Weekend Offroading the Month Old Tacoma

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It did very well I would say. I was in the mountain/desert of California north of Mojave. I was flying through the dirt roads and over mountains. I had to use the locker to get up one pretty steep and loose hill that was washed out. I don't have 4 wheel drive so I didn't try anything too insane. I did bottom out the front suspension a couple of times, but not too bad.

I also drove quite fast 30mph+ down a long downhill that has turns and was washed out and covered in small rocks.

I'll post some pics of the place sometime soon.

Oh yeah, and I ripped off the trailer wire connector from under the bumper somehow. I don't think I scratched it up too bad either hopefully.

The Rugged Trails did pretty well. They don't have a ton of traction, but then again, I was also doing up to 90 on the freeway getting there, so they worked out well.

I've also done the same place in a couple Dakota, and they were not even close to as smooth over the bumps.

The terrain is your tipical So Cal hardpack dirt with rocks, gravel and sand in the low areas.
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very nice. glad you had a good time. :)

The TRD Off-Road package makes the Tacoma (even a 2WD model) a very capable off-road vehicle. Glad you put it to good use. Sounds fun. :)

Me too, but at work. I am a geologist who work at several quarry projects. This is one of them. Needless to say, the factory Dunlops suck for this type of surface.

HiLux anyone?

While we get the Tacoma, the rest of the world gets the Hilux. I took these pictures in Kuwait.

2005 Hilux

Me with coalition troops
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