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So I've been keeping an eye out for one of these since the Canadian Venza did not have it as an option... we have the traditional cargo net already included instead.

Usually they sell for close to $60 on e-bay which is just too much for a net... but I finally found a wholesale toyota dealer selling for $35ish shipped to canada. Only one left. I'm sure its cheaper for americans :)

This works great for us since the traditional cargo net always gets in the way when we are loading our stroller into the back of the venza... the spider net however sits on the floor and is out of the way when not in use. :thumbsup:


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I bought one of these and personally I find it useless

but my Venza doesn't have the carpet like the picture you posted above.. when it's a plastic floor, the spider net doesn't hold stuff down hard enough to prevent it from sliding around
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