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Spinelli Toyota Canada

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Do not under any circumstances buy a vehicle or get any repair work done at Spinelli in Quebec. They have several dealerships and will rob you blind.
I had a Toyota Tacoma there recently that had 4wd problems. After what should have been a simple repair, ended up being about three weeks getting done, a new interior detailing because of them getting grease everywhere, a new console from them cracking it and a nearly $3000 bill to pay before the truck was released. The technician caused sparks and smoke while testing and claims both the front differential actuator and trnsfer case actuator simultaneously went bad. How likely is that? I was caught with the truck 700 miles from home and figured just pay it to get it done and then certainly the general manager or owner or Toyota will take care of it.
How wrong I was. The owner and general manager are backing the mechanics story and Toyota USA just blew me off. 20 years of solid Toyota ownership and I am done. I just bought a Nissan and will never buy a Toyota again.
Spinelli has a Mazda, Nissan, Lexus, Infinity and Toyota dealerships all in the Quebec area.
Stay away from these guys. In addition to having terrible mechanics who will run up a huge bill, the parts department marked up the price nearly double what US costs at dealerships will be. Talk about getting hosed when out of town.
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