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Sportivo Just Got Wrecked...

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my car just got wrecked :sosad:

i was going along the road, and at an intersection, the other street had a Stop Sign, the guy stopped, and when i was right in front of him, he moved, and smacked right into me :eek:

nobody was hurt fortunately, cant say much for my car :sosad:...
it is still driveable, its getting an insurance inspection tomorrow.

it looks to me the side protection beams in the doors did their job.

the other driver was a 74 year old man, the car was a really old Mercedes Station Wagon, his car is totalled and had to be towed.

at the moment, it looks to be the two doors, the window, the quarter panels, side skirt, and probably a bunch of other things...
the side airbag didnt deploy though.

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Ouch man, wicked sorry to hear, good thing you are ok...

Such a beautifull car and i always admired it.

that sucks Hopefully you will get it fixed by the insurance :thumbup:
she seems to be fixable just hope that insurance covers it if not then there's going to be a lot of money coming out of somebody's pocket b/c that is a fair amount of damage
sorry to hear that.... :(

best of luck to you with the recovery efforts
ouch man. looks like 2 new doors and windows eh?
good thing the side impact airbags didnt deploy. N at least no1 got hurt.
Damn that sux ass, hopefully they cover everything and u get it fixed quickly.
damn dude...that majorly sux
sportivoes always make me drool..hope everything turns out ok with the insurance
Hope everything gets fixed soon =)

oh btw dont slam any of the doors of your car unless you want to pick up heaps of little bits of glass =)

And i am suprised your skirt escape damage :eek:
ahhhh no sweats,
good to hear you're ok
insurance will fix that for sure

oh and BY THE WAY

I love your garage floor, if that's yours. I want to interlock my garage floor, that is pimp!!!
aww dude that sucks!! sorry man
hey! what happened to the black side markings on the door panel?????
Oh and wow is it me or does you car only just fit in the garage
Sorry to see your car like that Terry, dont worry hopefully you will have that on the road in no time at all
Hope things get fixed up soon! I guess the impact wasnt severe enough for the side bag to deploy. Although i'd still get that checked out just in case the system/sensors were damaged in any way. Also glad to hear you're okay!

Make sure to get an allignment job done while your repairing your car.
BrianOwens said:
Ouch man, wicked sorry to hear, good thing you are ok...

wicked.....there only one place on earth where people would say that! lol

Sorry to here about your cah man. at least it looks like you can get new pahts and paint for your cah. The good thing is no one was hurt :thumbup:

p.s. brianowens - hope you notice the 'cah' and 'pahts' lol

Sorry to hear about that. At least you're ok and you drive on the other side of the car. On a good note it doesn't look like anything (such as suspension, etc) was damaged that would affect the drivability or long term effects on the car. Jon.
Good to know you're OK, sad to see a nice car messed up. Make sure you get your chassis checked out. Sometimes a side impact can tweak the chassis alignment.
Oh jeezez, dude... :sosad:

I'm glad you're not hurt, man. It could've been a lot worse. Your car will be back on the road as badass as ever in no time. :)
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