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i live in Bolton, Ontario. a small town about half an hour north of Toronto. today i had a BBQ with a bunch of my drift buddies, and on my way to my girlfriend's house afterwards (about 1am monday morning), i followed a 2-tone AE86 hatchback up the hill on Humberlea Road in Bolton. since i am between cars (just sold my 240SX and looking for something, ANYTHING, to fill the gap), i was driving my mom's dark green 2004 Accord 4-door.

i think it was either white/black or white/dark blue. it was a factory paint job (not Panda), the car had snowflakes, a Fujiwara Tofu Initial D sticker on the passenger door, other stickers behind the driver's door, an exhaust, and the license plate read "ANGELMAN".

this is the third occasion on which i've seen this car around town. if this is you, or if you know who this is, please get in touch with me as i'd be very interested in finding another drift fanatic in my small unassuming hick town, and would be happy for you to join my group of car friends to hang out and shoot the proverbial shit.


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