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Springs? CAI? Manifold? Help me pick!

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Ok so I have enough money to throw away on one of these right now, and I am having a hard time trying to pick which one I want to do. My manifold isn't broken, but the heat shields are fucked up, so I was just going to buy a new manifold, but I don't have to. I just bought a K&N panel filter from Talisman for the current air setup, but I could buy a CAI from EL Proto for better performance. I just got a new set of 16's so I could buy lowering springs (intrax) and make it look mean. Nothing is broken and nothing has to be done, but something has to be upgraded, so help me pick.

For instance:

I have just enough money to buy Intrax springs or Tokico struts.
I have just enough money to buy a CAI and put it on.
I have just enough money to buy a new manifold and get it put on.

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suspension is what I would go for, but doesn't make sense to do one component at a time. CAI? not for me...Manifold, only if it's leaking, unless you want to go performance and it'll cost more than a full suspension swing.

Windows tinted yet? How about a rear swaybar or tower strut? All servicing up to date? Like trannie? Sirius radio?

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Springs. You will get a lot more out of a better suspension than anything else you listed. Actually, someone is selling an entire 2nd gen setup right here. All Brand new also...

You might be able to get a really good deal :thumbup:

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If you do springs, do struts at the same time or you will be kicking yourself for ruining the handling of your ride... That said, tokico or KYB and Intrax springs looks pretty good on a gen2, especially since you already have wheels... The back will be a bit higher than the front, so I suggest you put a big subwoofer in the back to even it out. :D


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Manifold? I thought you wanted to buy a header?

Have you considered a rear swaybar? Whiteline makes front and rear swaybars for gen 2's. ;)

And I agree with what Charlie said about the springs & struts. Do both at the same time.

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if you have a 3sfe like me then you won't really notice a difference with a cai. i felt a HUGE difference in le-torque when i built my shortram. it litterally cost me $10 to build. buy the springs.

where are you getting your springs at and for how much because i am looking into getting some.
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