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im looking for a good set of springs that will give a low drop. i have been searching like crazy and am just looking for a straight answer. I have tokico that are waiting to be installed. I am really looking for atleast a 2 inch drop or as close as i can get to that. i previously had an integra on coilovers and am trying to achieve something comproble to the drop i had on that.
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you're running a i'm thinking the only ones are gonna be the eibach pro-kit, which i think doesn't lower as much as you'd like. only 1.2" i believe.
coilover is the way to go for that much drop.. but then you already got your struts.. i would say go to ebay.. they have non brand springs that will give 1.8" drop.. (that is if you want looks, not function) or another cheap way is to cut your stock springs.. again, the ride wouldnt be as good as eibachs
i have some intrax springs on my tokicos and the drop is huge- here is a post with some pics
a 2" drop sounds insane unless it's for a showcar. i would hate to have it lower than 1.2" because of dips, high driveways, and bad uneven roads.
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