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08 Tacoma Ac 4cyl4a
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My basic Silver Streak 4X2 Taco is about 2 weeks old, and I'm already spotting things that nag me for improvement.

*Black grill needs matching silver paint like the PreRunner's.

*Black plastic bumper covers would look lots better in matching silver. When I stand back and look at the truck from a distance, the bumpers look like they have gone missing. Is it possible to paint the rough textured bumper covers, and will they look good? Has anyone done that, and are you happy with the result?

*15" wheels and stock tires look too small on my truck (maybe it's just me?). I would like to trade them in for 16" wheels and tires (I like the 5 spokers that come on some of the PreRunners). I want the biggest tires that will fit without a lift kit, just plain street tread. Do my stock wheels and tires have any trade value? Will 16" wheels and 265/75-R16 tires do a lot for the appearance of a basic un-lifted Access Cab Taco? If not, I'll just get used to my stock wheels and tires.

I would appreciate any opinions and recommendations on the above before spending several hundred bucks at the paint and tire shops.

Many thanks,,,
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