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Squeaks while turning right only.

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My 93 Camry has developed a squeak, (metal to metal type squeak) It happens only a little bit while going straight, but does it most of the time when I turn right, at high and low speeds. It sounds like the brake squeaker, but I checked that, and the pads are still very thick. What could it be? Wheel bearing? What? Thanks.
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Im thinking bearing. That or maybe your rotors somehow is bent at a wrong angle someway
CV joint on the driver's side going bad? They usually make more of a clicking noise though.
Bump and update.

Thought I had it fixed- I replaced front wheel bearings, and while I was at it, replaced cv axles, ball joints, tie rod ends, and struts. I took it for a drive, no noise.... until it got warmed up- then the squealing returned. So, it's in the back wheel. If I'm going straight it does it, if I turn the wheel to the left slightly or gently apply the brakes it stops. If I turn right it gets worse. Could it be a back wheel bearing? But if it was the brakes making noise, why would it quit when I turn left? This is annoying.
It could be related to the e-brake system, do you have rear discs?
Yes, I have rear disc brakes. But how would the e brake have anything to do with when I turn? I guess I should just wait until Sunday and tear it apart and figure out what it is. Thanks for the help, keep the ideas coming guys.
When you turn the suspension does flex and move, and might make things move just enough to cause the squeak. I have a similar problem, but I only hear it when the car is parked and I rock the car back and forth, it's not loud enough to hear when driving. I also only hear it when the temps are over a certain point. (it can be very annoying, I hate the squeaking)

Seeing I have replaced all 4 struts, end links, sway bar links, and my other bushings are fine (I've tried silicon spray while moving things about it changes nothing) I suspect it has something to do with the brakes, the e-brake cable or the "mini-shoes" specifically. Might not be your situation but if you've eliminated the other possible causes you have to look elsewhere.
Yep, it was the rear brakes! They were only half worn, but rotors were grooved a little. So, after spending $500 on parts for the front end, I realize I could have cured it with a $15 set of rear pads. Oh well, I have 205,000 on it now and plan to keep it until it pukes. I think I'll go for 1,000,000 miles.
Congrats on fixing it. Look on the bright side, sooner or later all of the parts you replaced would have worn out anyway, now you don't have to worry about it for a long time. You won't get to a million unless you replace every mechanical part in the car. :lol:
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