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Squeaky sound.. (Nothing I've read about with SEARCH)

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So.. as the topic name says, I've SEARCHed about this problem, but didn't find anything comparable to my problem. Here's the situation:

I have a 1992 camry with 62k KILOMETERS on it (think that's about 40k miles) that was used for grocery-getting by grandpa and grandma... And in my house, the parking driveway is kind of bent down (50 feet long, with a 4 feet drop all in all, I'd say..) and whenever I drive out of it (right after starting the engine), going backwards and hitting the brakes very smoothly to let it go backwards slowly, it makes a VERY loud squeak (not sure, but I think it comes from rear driver side).

So, if anyone's knowledge goes as far as understanding this situation, please help, I'd be really happy to solve this problem...
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Probably need new brake pads or they are just cold and they will do that. Go to a tire shop and ask for a free brake inspection.
might be your brakes... my car does that too, during normal driving of course, but much more when backing up. i just ignore it.
My car squeaks ALL the time when Im going 1-15 MPH. And its cyclical. So fuckign annoying.
davepont, get new brake pads

gridlyne, get new brake pads too...
If it were coming from the front, it could be your suspension bushings squeaking as the braking forces change your suspension geometry slightly. Happens more as the bushings age and become stiffer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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