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SR5 1994 truck gear doesn't shift

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I recently changed my clucth and everything worked well in the begining. However, when I sometimes come to a stop and tried to shift gears, it doesn't want to go in gear. I have to switch off the iginition, restart the vehicle and then it will go into gear. Any sugesstions?
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try putting it into 4th then see if it willl slip into 3rd. If that works you might have problems with the syncro for third gear, but I am just guessing.
It doesn't shift into any gear when that happens. I had no shifting problems prior to changing the clucth.
I have no idea why shutting the engine down and restarting would help your shifting problem.

However, a while ago, my truck got difficult to shift. It turned out the bushing that sits under the shift lever was starting to disintegrate. I had to pull the shift lever to replace the bushing (about a $20 part, IIRC).
dude check you clutch hydraulics. sounds like the slave cylinder or master cylinder are toast. but it could be low fluid . most likley its the slave cylinder. id try that and then the master 2nd because they are both outside the bellhousingand easier to access and known to wear out. if it still does it the clutch fork and release bearing would be the next place to look but its inside the belhousing.
Prior to changing the clutch, I had none of the above problems. Want to blame the shop that replaced the clutch. NO FACTS to do that.
The peice that digger1 is talking about could have e-zly been damaged ( or fell onto the ground ) when your shift lever was removed, I couldn't shift either, but I was only out about $5.50 for the little green seat, When I changed my gear lube out came the little peices. Darrin
you if your shift lever can turn arround if you push doun and twist it , that wold be the bushing. if its not in the shifter and it does fine when the engine is off it would most likly be a clutch problem. if the clutch is not engaging it would be difficult to shift. how does it do from a dead stop?
Vehicle is great from a dead stop. Shifting problem doesn't happen right away , but usually after 20 minutes stop and go. I had no problems this evening after driving for more than 20 minutes. A friend has suggested that I bleed the clucth. I will try that and see if it helps.
yea try bleeding it and flush the fluid with new stuff. if it persists you may need to adjust the pedal play also. it soulds like a hydraulic problem but its kinda funny how you say it takes of good. how much do you let off the clutch before it starts to grab? does this ever change as far as where it grabs. it should be consistantly the same place in the pedal stroke. if its not id bet on a hydraulic issue like air or a warn slave/master cylinder.
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