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Hello everyone hope someone can help me out. what's the difference between a (ae86) and (ae92)? what do those mean? what's the difference between a regular gts and a gts ae86 or 92? I'm just wondering what that extra ae86 means if it means anything at all or are all gts's labeled with ae86 etc.

also what's the difference in horsepower from the sr5 motor and gts?

oh yea another question, from what yrs were the gts made? is it 84-87? did they pretty much stay the same every yr? were there any big changes. as you can probably tell I don't know jack about the gts but i'm very interested to learn more. thanks in advance for your assistance.

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AE## is the chassis code for the Corollas,

AE86 = 85-87 RWD Corollas both GTS and SR5 (AE82 was the FWD model from 85-87, which was available in 4 door and 2 door hatch which was also known as the FX16 which also came in GTS and SR5)

AE92 = 88-92 FWD Corollas. available in GTS and SR5 in 2-door models, and base and LE in 4-door models.

SR5 = No balls or whistles :D base model , came with an 80hp 4AC (carburated) motor from 85-87, a 90hp 4AF (carburated) motor from 88-89 and a 100hp 4AFE (fuel injected) motor was also available from 88-92.

GTS = More balls and whistles, comes with a 120hp 4AGE from 85-89 and a 140hp 4AGE motor in 1990.

GTZ = All balls and whistles, not available in north america, came with a 140hp supercharged 4AGZE motor from 88-89 and a 170hp supercharged 4AGZE motor 90-91.

I Know the AE92 also came in wagon models, not sure about the AE86 though. The AE92 wagon came in FWD and AWD models and I believe they had the 4AF and 4AFE motors, but I could be wrong.

here's a good link for ya.
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Ren, I think that was your most helpful post ever, haha.
Some more facts, In Japan AE## cars came in different models

-Corolla (4door) and Corolla Levin(2door)
-Sprinter (4door) and Sprinter Trueno(2door)

here's an AE92 Trueno

AE92 Levin

AE92 FX16 GTS model

AE92 4 door model

AE82 FX16 GTS model

AE82 4 door model

AE86 Levin

AE86 Trueno

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Deep said:
Ren, I think that was your most helpful post ever, haha.
you're just jealous I beat you to it! :p:
that post was beautiful, i feel super educated. thankyou.
Out of all the corollas, what's your most favorite one & body style? or what's the most popular? probably rwd ae86 chasis styles w 4age engine correct? aern't the rwds easier to drift or funner to race?

are you guys familiar with the corolla Te27 3tc engine from a 1974? is that one popular?
TE27 = GOOD!

Those are great looking little cars. IIRC, the 3T-C was incredibly overbuilt, IE the bottom end is supposed to be able to withstand several times the stock power output.

edit: On some of the early models (before the AE86 at least), SR-5 was the good model.
You forgot the AE92 Liftback and the 4 Door Hatchback. Also the AE82 Liftback and 4 Door hatch :rolleyes:
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