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SRS Airbag System Warning - Have dealer check immediatly

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Last resort. I've searched here and it appears most people ended up paying to have this taken care of. I just want to make sure I've tried everything before doing so.
Last week my battery died. I replaced it and everything seemed fine. Yesterday I got into my car, started up fine but noticed 3 new issues. 1. The clock reset to 1:00. 2. Traction light was on and 3. SRS Airbag warning was on. Now, every time I turn my car off and back on my clock resets to 1:00.
After researching here some users suggested unhooking the battery to clear the computer, disconnect/reconnect the yellow wire under the passenger seat and also check fuses. I unhooked the battery for an hour and tried reconnecting the yellow wire but that did not help. I'm wondering if I should look into the fuses or just bite the bullet and take it into the dealer. I just down know where to begin with the fuses. Most importantly, how urgent is this?
Thanks for any advice you may have.
2011 Highlander SE


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