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New here but have read a lot on this topic. Have not found the problem(?) or solution to this.
2003 tundra access cab trd.
SRS light has been flashing. Started while driving the vehicle.
I have pulled the codes with the wire jump method. Codes are: 72 and 64. Reading about this I find that it relates to the LH and RH seatbelt actuator (?) I have removed each front seatbelt and tested the ohms and the readings are within spec at 2.4. Nice tip was to cut the straw from a wd40 can and use it to isolate the metal tab. Also, did the rattle test and all is good there.
I removed both seats to check the wiring further and all checks out fine. I used contact spray to clean the connectors and reconnected everything. Still throwing the codes and the light still flashes. Toyota assured me the air bags will not deploy if the SRS light is flashing.
Any ideas as to what else I might check? I understand that the system will store the codes and believe the system needs to be reset or the light will still flash and the codes will still show.....
On a side note, I was able to get the passenger seat indicator to illuminate and the bell to ring if there is a passenger in the seat with the belt not fastened. Also got the belt to retract when unclipped by simply cleaning the belt.
Any and all help will be great!
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