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srt4 vs. ae86

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my brother has a 2003 srt4 for those that do not know a srt4 is a neon with a turbo. well we went off and raced and i had him off the line but the the turbo kicked and and he walked away but i stay close. i smoked the tires 1 2 and 3 gear. he did a nice burnout about 100 feet 1 2 and 3. that was the first time that i was beat. i have raced a zx2, some crapy car and a jeep. now im 3 wins and 1 lose.:mad:
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u kept up with a srt4 in ur AE86??.....ur brother can't drive for shit....ur car should run around high 15s with mods...his should be in low 13s.....

and just so u know....TN does not condone street racing...this thread will be locked shortly.....
Man, what have you done to your AE86? The SRT-4 has horsepower in the 200-something range. So either your bro cant drive, or you've done something incredible to your car.
^^its an sr5 to boot too.....:rolleyes:
SRT-4 is the fastest new production car under $20k. :respect:

Not much of a fan.... but I still think it is great what they have done with the neon.
1985rollasr5 said:
i smoked the tires 1 2 and 3 gear.
umm....are you serious? I think it's safe to say that the average GTS can't do that....
This is a race?:whatthe:

i think i see only one person whose just trying so hard:rolleyes:
was this on a track or on the street:confused:
hate to sound like I watch Initial D too much(I don't), but was it a downhill stretch? laws of physics can work in ur favor
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