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stainless steel polished manifold heat shields

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I'm a dsm guy from san diego and I have been making ss polished heat shields for the dsm manifolds. My mr2 buddy wants one made for his blitz turbo kit. I will be making a few of these. If there is anyone out there who also has the blitz manifold and would like a snazzy polished stainless steel heat shield to cover the top and sides of the manifold drop me an email and I will send some pics of what the finished product looks like. I will have them done sometime this week. It bolts to the top back side of the head where those three threaded holes stick out. In the next week or so I will be designing one to fit the mr2 stock turbo manifold. I will post pics of both when they are done. If you are interested in either just drop me an email at [email protected] I have some pics of the dsm ones that I made, email me for a pic to get an idea of what the mr2 shield may look like just in another shape.
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