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stalling problems

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I don't really know how to describe it I have a 92 celica GT 5 speed but when I first take off it sometimes is lacking power or just takes a couple of seconds to take off any ideas???
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i'd say a couple of things could cause it, like old ignition components, bad air filter, basic stuff, but I don't want to speculate on your tuning
how are you on a tune up?
just got the car going to have a tune up next week it should probably help
yes im sure it will. after that try a bottle of seafoam. that stuff rocks!!
hey do you think I got a good deal I got a 92 toyota celica GT for 1400 bucks???
sound like a good deal. im having trouble finding an 89 celica for under 1400
got an 88 and 87 for 250 :thumbup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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