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Well the camry started to stall at redlights randomly. If you come to a stop it will begin to sputter and than stall. Any ideas on this. Anyone think it could be the fuel filter.
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a lot of people have had this problem, including me

go search for stalling or stuttering or dying out, etc.

the most common answer is your EGR valve could be dirty with carbon deposits, so try checking that out and clean it.

i didnt drive my 95 camry for a while though, and it fixed itself :confused: been running good since then :cool:
I've had this problem, also.... Search for my name and "stutter." I had the dealer check it out (I know, more $$$) and I had a "weak" ignition coil. Got a new one and hasn't done it since..... *knock on wood*
Alright thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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