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Hi Guys -

I checked the Tire Fit thread but didn't see an answer to my question. My girlfriend purchased an 08 Tacoma with just the Prerunner package that includes the Standard 16" Styled Steel Wheels, P245/75R16 Tires. I want to upgrade her Rims and Tires to either the TRD Off Road (16-in. alloy wheels with P265/70R16 tires) or TRD Sport (17-in. alloy wheels with P265/65R17 tires) package Rims and Tires but I want to make sure they will fit with no extra equipment needed like spacers or something. I'm 95% sure they will, I'm just looking for confirmation. I see them on Craig's list and ebay a lot so would like to pick some up for her.

Thanks ahead of time for your advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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