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Starlet seats.....what WORKS??

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Hey folks,
Well, having successfully solved the carb issues, I am happy to say my 81 Starlet is running beautifully. :clap:
Now, i'm well on the way to giving her a pretty face. Custom paint (Toyota white base coat, with some gold pearl in first two clear coats....followed by clear coats) got applied yesterday. ) Black stripes to come.
Now pondering new seats.
Trying to keep on a budget (remember....I resurrected this baby to beat high fuel cost) but would like some 'style' to match the custom paint job.
I found these seats at the all black. Sure would set off the gold pearl and planned black stripes

Anybody have any experience with these?
Any other thoughts/suggestions? I'm all ears.......
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Hmmmm....surely someone out there has some experience with aftermarket seats for a Starlet. Looking for some guidance before plunking down $$$ for what might be labeled 'cheap' seats..... but for daily driver, not racetrack. Think these JCW seats might not tilt forward to access back....(not good!) Bomz is another set I have pondered.
Any feedback on what was good or bad for you in terms of comfort, fit, installation, durability, etc??? Would definitely appreciate it!
Those seats look nice. I don't see anything bad about that brand. Just be sure to measure the bolt hole to bolt hole length on the bottom of the seat before you order. Otherwise they look good and will surely accent the recent paint job.:thumbsup:
original seats

go to the toyota dealer,;)
and find out if starlet seats are avaliable,:thumbsup:
compare prices.:rolleyes:
Mint looking original seats would increase the value of the car.:D
although those seats that you are planning to buy are very cool.:cool:
just another idea to make things a little complicated.:confused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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