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Well about a week and a half ago I started collecting parts for my motor build up on my Celica. My build up will include an LC engineering 20R head, crane stage 4 cam, Weisco 10.5:1 pistons with 22R block bored .040 over, lighter rods, lighter flywheel(not sure on the weight just yet), Mikuni 44mm sidedraft carbs, LC engineering header, along with a few tuning parts to get the motor running good. Here are some pictures of the parts I have gatherd up so far:

LC engineering adjustable double row cam gear

Mikuni 44mm PHH sidedraft carbs. This kit came with the manifold, both carbs, two sets of air filters, extra jets, all the linkages, and a few other goodies. I got all of this for only 400 bucks. I just finished rebuilding the carbs today infact.
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