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I know this sounds silly, but my 1984 4X4 toyota with the 22r has been having it's starter engage while making right hand turns and when/while going through bump or rough roads. The starter is engaging and spinning attempting to start the truck while the truck is running and making the turn after a short distance it quites (ghost like, LOL). It does not do it on straight aways or left hand turns and it doesn't make any difference if the clutch is in or not. Also, it just started making clicking sounds and not starting 3 days ago. I have not investigated the cause of the problem yet, and thought I would ask before going on a fairy chase. Also, any advise on a loose steering front axle would be appreciated. I heard you can't rebuilt the military knuckles, so what do you do? Thank you, in advance for any help that will/can be given.


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on the starter issue, does the truck have to be moving? if you walk out an turn the wheel now will the starter engage? if so I'd look around the column.

loose steering is prolly the rod under the steering box itself, find the 2 large cotter pins, remove them and the plugs they hold in, then srew in the adjusters, not tight, but take out the slop then put it back together.
The front axle is rebuildable. Large/deep scars on the globes are hard to stop leaks on. That does have the solid axle right?

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