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For the past couple of months my corolla has had trouble starting. It would just click when I turn they key. At first, it would be every once in a while, but then it started happening all the time, to the point it where it takes about 10 minutes to start.
A couple days ago I went to the store and when i came back out to the car to start it, it clicked once and the power died. I figured my battery had taken a crap since it is pretty old, but was weird is that the power would slowly come back even though the engine wasnt running..:confused: I got a jump, drove it home and it would not start back up again. I got a jump from another friend so I could take my friend home, and it died at his house when it was idling. I was no longer able to jump it. (yeah i was stupid for taking him home with it). My friend came and brought me a battery and I put it in. The car wouldn't start, and after 8 or so clicks, the power would die, but eventually come back on. I was finally able to start it and made it home. I replaced my corroded terminal.
So last night, my friend and I were planning on changing the starter. I bought a rebuilt starter from auto zone for $130. We had to get the car to his house, so I worked on getting the car started one last night while he was on his way. After a while of trying to start it, it stopped clicking (I was trying for a pretty long time, about 25 mins). Now, when I would turn the key it would be mostly silent, and there would be no click. Just a lighter, different clicking sound. When that happened, the headlights also went out. The parking lights come on, but the headlights and high beams dont. We put the starter on over night, and finished everything up, then went to start the car. Same problem.
I checked some fuses, wiggled some cables, and checked the starter. Everything seemed to be getting power, even the starter.
What are some other things I can check?

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Need to ensure the cables from the battery to ground and starter are good, connection and internal resistance or corrosion.
One could ohm the cables disconnected or perform a voltage drop on the cable, by place a voltmeter on the ground post of the battery and the engine block, on the 2 volt scale should not see more than 0.2 volts.

Same deal with the + cable battery to starter +, no more than 0.2V.

When the vehicle is running check voltage again (just off idle ~2000 rpm) should see 14.0 V.
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