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haha...this is why I'm willing to pay for this crap! :lol:

2wicked: I'm prolly gonna go with the passive setup for simplicity. It looks pretty straight fwd

Some pointers I've picked up include;
-use high quality relays (ie. Bosch, Hella)
-use same color wires
-put some thought to switch location

Now can somebody please give me exact wire colors for my 1999 V6 Camry. Bear in mind, I've never used a relay in my life.

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Passive starter kill is not a good idea.

All a thief has to do is jam a screwdriver in your ignition and tap the switch.

I would use a single relay and tie it in with the alarm.

Heres a diagram I drew up:

Starter wire = black/white. On ignition harness.

What you do is clip this wire. Your then left with 2 ends. The end that goes to the ignition switch gets wired to 87a & 85 on the relay. And the other end gets wired to 30 on the relay.

Whenever the alarm is armed, the car won't start.

P.S. You need a spdt (single pole double throw) relay.
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