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1991 pickup 4wd
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i gotta 91 ext 4x4 6cyl.. one day i was taking the stereo apart and took part of the dash off..and glove box.. when i put it back together the car wouldnt start.. the starter wouldnt turn over..but i noticed a clicking noise behind the glove box so i took aprt the area it was making the noise and it was behind the glove box and one of the front speakers was rubbing something maybe a relay or something but i removed the speaker and it startted after that i was wondering what is behind that glove box that has to do with the starter and makes a clicking noise...when i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over.. but did after i re adjusted the glove box better...?

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I think the glove box thing is just quoincendence ....

I would think your starter contacts are in need of replacement .

1991 pickup 4wd
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no it def wasnt a coicendence it wouldnt turn over and i heard a clicking noise when i tried to turn over.. right behind the glove box area where the front factory speaker area is.. and i stuck hand in there and tapped it arouond and then it worked.. is there a relay there or some kinda thingy that cuts starter out or something lol...

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Here is my reply again that I posted to someone else several days ago about the location of the starter and everything you ever wanted to know about their repairs which I spent lots of time and research coming up with the info:

I copied & pasted my reply:

Here is some more info for future reference for everyone which will save you time and lots of $$$:

6 starter repair sites: -

Starter contact kits:

Toyota # 28226-72010/80 (battery side)(also1KZTE-2LT-1KZT)
Toyota # 28226-72080 (8808-9108)
Toyota # 28226-16130 (9108-9308)
Toyota # 28226-55050 (9308-9511)
Toyota # 28226-70040 (9308-9511)
Toyota # 28226-72040 (motor side if needed)
Toyota # 28226-72010 (8808-9511)
Toyota # 28226-74070 (9108-9511)

For others besides 22R series:

Toyota # 28226-54220 (motor side) (2LTE, 3L..LN13# IKZTE, 2L#, KZN130,LN108,112,85..4FC)
Toyota # 28226-54250 (Diesel Surf 2.4TD, contains a new end cover and gasket)
Toyota # 28226-54320 (battery side) (2LTE, 3L..LN13# IKZTE, 2L#, KZN130, LN108,112,85..4FC,3B-1HZ-BJ73-HZJ7#-1KZT-KZJ70)
Toyota # 28226-17030 (battery side) (1H#-HDJ80-HZJ80)
Toyota # 28226-56250 (battery side) (3B-1HZ-1PZ-PZJ7#)

Starter contacts only:

Toyota # 28226-70040
Wilson’s Electric # 45-29-652

Starter brushes:

AC Delco # D762
GP Sorensen # 255048
Standard # JX-117

Whether your starter uses two rectangular types or one rectangular and one crescent you can substitute with two squares or one square and one crescent so any of the above part #'s for those kits will be the right ones,or about half of the auto electric shops in your local yellow pages would sell aftermarket contacts for only $5 each or the pair.

If the brake and charge lights come on during revving of the engine then it's a sign that the carbon alternator brushes require replacing as this is the mileage for them to wear out. In alternators the brushes wear out on average every 140-170 000 miles where on the dashboard the brake & charge light both come on at the same time. About half of the auto electric shops in your local yellow pages sell carbon alternator brushes and copper solenoid starter contacts for about $5/pair.Another way to verify that the alternator is not charging is while the engine is running bring a metal screwdriver or any metal object near the alternator and if the alternator is working properly then it should act like a magnet and grab the screwdriver.

For carbon brushes R&R:

For decoding the dashboard lights:

Here are part #'s for Toyota alternator carbon brushes and copper solenoid starter contacts which are used in about 95% of all Toyota vehicles.

Toyota alternator Brushes with holder:

Toyota # 27370-35060=$29

Alternator brush only (qty:1 brush unless otherwise stated):

AC Delco # E724,E731 (side wire and concave tip)
Ace Electric # DA-61 (brush only),S-5367 (brush holder)
Beck Arnley # 178-1669 (side wire and concave tip)
Beck Arnley # 178-1376
Borg Warner # X580 (side wire and concave tip)
Canadian Tire # 19-2050-6=$4.49/pair
Daihatsu # 27370-87302-000
Daihatsu # 27371-63020-000
Daihatsu # 27371-87501-000
Daihatsu # 27371-70300-000
Echlin # E601=$8.16/pair (UAP/NAPA)
Echlin # ECHE601
Echlin # EC480
Echlin # ECHE480
GP Sorensen # 255047 (side wire and concave tip)
GM # 94123056
GM # 96054118
Honda # 31144-PD1-004=$9.72
Honda # 31144-PD1-0040
Honda # 31144-PD1-0030
Honda # 31150-PR7-A01
Honda # 31150-PTO-003
Hino Industries # 021660-0390
Hino Industries # 021660-0510
Isuzu # 8-94123-056-0
Isuzu # 8-97032-308-0
Isuzu # 8-97032-310-0
Mazda # 021660-0390
Mazda # 021660-0510
Mazda # KL47-18-W75
Mileage Plus # E601SB
Mitsubishi # MD604474
Mitsubishi # 21660-0510
Niehoff # WA571 (side wire and concave tip)
NipponDenso # 021660-0390
NipponDenso # 021660-0510
Standard # JX-116 (side wire and concave tip)
Subaru # 021660-0390
Subaru # 021660-0510
Suzuki # 31631-82610
Suzuki # 31656-82611
Suzuki # 021660-0510
Toyota # 27370-42010
Toyota # 27370-75060
Toyota # 27371-63020=$5.80 (up to 9105) (side wire and concave tip)
Toyota # 27371-70300=$5.20 (9105-9511)
Victory Lap # FAX57=$4.49/pair (Canadian Tire)
Wilson's Electric # 26-29-7534 (side wire and concave tip)=$2.20 each (Diesel Auto Electric)(Parts for Trucks,box of 10 for $3.40)

Length=15 mm
Width=7 mm
Thickness=5 mm
Lead length=49 mm

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No, not a coincidence!
That relay is probably your circuit-opening relay, part of the starter circuit. A relay works by creating a small magnetic field to pull in an arm, thus making the contacts. If the speaker was placed in close proximity to the relay, the large magnetic field of the speaker magnet probably didn't let the contacts close. Or maybe you just bumped the connector to the relay.

1991 pickup 4wd
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yes your right ..speaker did something to it. it was keeping it from getting a good contact..
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