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Starter problem (when car is hot)

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Last year I replaced the starter motor because the car (1990 corolla) wouldn't start.

Lately, the car has been failing to start, but only when the car is hot. It starts fine when it is cool, like in the morning or when I am leaving work in the evening. The problem is after I have driven for an hour or so and then i stop for gas or to run into a store then try to start the car again, it won't start. So definitely the problem only happens when the car is hot.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks
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Its called heat soak.. the starters seem to be prone to this problem, specially on 4AGE powered corollas where the starter is located right under the exhaust manifold. :hammer:
Thanks for the replies.

I took it to the mechanic and told him the problem only happens when it is hot, so he ran the car till it was hot but it started for him no problem.

So then I was thinking it wasn't just a problem of heat maybe it is a problem with the fuel pump?
boro post is hilarious but i think i have the same problem with my tercel wonder if the starter is close to the exhaust manifold.
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