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Starter problems maybe?

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When I crank the starter it makes a really loud noise and does not crank the engine. I charged the battery just in case but that was not it.
No clicking noise just a big loud one.

I started removing parts tonight to try and get to the front bolt and will resume tomorrow after letting the liquid wrench soak for the night.

It all started after driving it in the rain and then letting it sit for about 5 days.

Once I get it out then hopefully there are some tests I can do to check it.

any advice is always welcome.
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stuck solenoid or use a hammer

The solenoid could be stuck or broken, the solenoid pushes the starter gear onto the flywheel and spins the engine if it is stuck it will spin the starter motor real fast. Okay if it stuck get a hammer and a friend get your friend to start the engine while you hit the solenoid a few times if the engine starts to turn over you have found the problem and can be cleaned if this doesnt work then you will need to raeplace the starter as not many people will do a repair.
I just replaced the starter and that did not do it. It sounds like the engine is seized or some other component is not doing its job. Any thoughts?
What else would cause this to happen?
Take the sparkplugs out and spin the starter while they are out. Water will prolly shoot out the holes.
It was running fine. Parked it after driving in the rain. 5 days later the engine will not turn over even though the starter is trying to crank it.
Any other electrical part that might cause this?
I checked the starter relay and it passed. The ohms were only .7 when hooking to the battery but there was continuity which is all the factory manual suggests.
Have you tried the spark plugs yet?
Tercel GTS said:
Have you tried the spark plugs yet?
I'll try it tomorrow. It got dark on me and I don't have a garage to work in. I hope your right!
Tercel GTS said:
Have you tried the spark plugs yet?
Ok did the spark plug thing and gas blew out of at least two cylinders, lots of it.
I got it fired and drove it some but I still have fuel issues. It has always started hard and had a gas smell after starting, sounds related to me.
Not sure where to go next.
oh yeah the plugs looked great colorwise.
The gas smell is probably unburnt fuel out of the exhaust.
Try running a few cans of seafoam through the engine and see how she runs.
You can get it at almost any autoparts store.

This stuff DOES work. It's not just hype....
Run the whole can through the vaccum lines.
And be ready for a HUGE smoke cloud for a few minutes

Oh, and you're probably going to need a new starter soon.
'Ol boy that mentioned hitting it with a hammer was right on the nail.
You can get it rebuilt somewhere possibly too.

And when/if you do replace it, get a Toyota one..
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Sounds like you have fuel injectors stuck partially open and leaking. Over a period of a few days as the sun warms the fuel in the tank it will create pressure for this leak. Also use a dvm to make sure the injectors aren't getting a signal while in off position. The starter should be fine now that the liquid is out the cylinders. ;)
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