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I have an 87' toyota SR5 22-RE and I am having an electric problem where it will all of a sudden die or wont start up, it just cranks but won't fire, so obviously I am loosing spark and I have determined it is out of the ignition coil, so i replaced the controller and the coil and it still does it so I even replaced my lock and tumbler thinking maybe it was that, So now I have determined it has to be a relay or fuse and the only thing I can think of is the starter relay fuse, Just wondering if anyone has a better opinion and i was also wondering if anyone knows where this relay is and how to get to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Ive had this problem for weeks and it is costing me way too much! anyone with acces to ALLDATA or Chilton or anything if they could help it would be great! Thanks

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About half of the ECU codes stored on the first & second generation EFI Toyotas don't show a constant blinking check engine light therefore you must pull the ECU codes to see if a fault is registered.

To pull the ECU codes:

All 1980-1995 and including 1995 EFI equipped vehicle allow you to find engine and related faults by pulling the ECU (computer) codes without the need for a handheld OBDII diagnosis scanner,the sites listed below have the fault codes needed to pull the codes and the instructions on how to do it:

Pulling the ECU codes is the first thing I do to diagnosis a problem thereafter I reset the ECU to see if the same problems show up and if so I then take voltage measurements both with the engine running and not and compare with the factory service manual,I also close the ignition switch after a cold engine and also after a warm engine and compare them with the factory service manual.This technique will completely isolate your problem without having to do trial and error and it is the technique I use when repairing tv's,vcr's,home/car audio.
Any Public Library in your area would have the Factory service manual,Haynes,Chiltons,Mitchells,Clymers,Bentley and Toyota repair books.

There is also free AutoZone service manuals at:

1985 Toyota 4-Runner/pickup Factory Service manual:

1993 Toyota Pickup Service Manual:

2003 (2001-2004) Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual:

FSM (factory service manual)can be acquired in several ways:

Toyota Material Distribution Center
750 West Victoria St
Rancho Dominguez/Compton,CA 90220-5538
Ph:1-800-622-2033 (outside CA)(M-F: 7-5 PST)
Ph:1-800-443-7656 (inside CA)
Ph:1-310-818-4630 (in or outside CA)
Speak to Beverly or Deloris

1)buy a used one off e-bay
2)some Toyota dealerships may give you one or sell it for $10-20 (used) as most Toyota dealerships don't repair many old Toyotas and no longer need the service manual
3)some public libraries sell their old books as they are not in demand any longer
4)some free buy & sell classified papers,websites and bulletin boards may have some used ones for sale
5)some junk yards may have one laying around
6)some Toyota specialty garages may have one laying around and no longer use it as the vehicle may be too old and those mechanics probably have so much experience that they could publish their own factory service manual with corrections and "real world repair tips"
7)if someone has the FSM maybe they could scan all of the pages and post it on a site for all of us to download or view.

For scanned pages of factory service manuals for other engines:

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Alright, I broke down and took it to Toyota Dealership, and they claim that I have a bad pickup in my Distributor and thats whats causing the problem. but could that really be that, it seems to me that if im not getting spark out of the ignition coil it couldnt possibly be my distributor, also if it is my distributor, how hard would this be to change
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