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Starting in cold weather...

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Hi guys,

I need your opinion about this: I never noticed that on my previous car but now, my Corolla 2006 automatic is making a "metal" noise (a little like when you try to start the car when it's already running) when starting in cold weather, let say -20 celcius and lower. (which is the case almost every night this time of year) the sound is audible just after the car tries to start (takes longer but that's ok since the battery is weak) and around the same time the engine start. I don't have a block heater, might this solve this problem or is there something else?

Thanks for the advices!
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could be the starter sticking open just a tad too long since its so cold out.
If so, is this a problem that can be fixed or is it normal under these conditions? (-20 celcius)
well -20c is f$%King cold. I would consider it normal but not good. Are you able to park in a garage? Thats what I would do. I dont know if an engine block heater would work to cure the starter sticking but it might.
Nope, I don't have a garage... but -20 celcius is (unfortunately) not that cold here (I live near Montreal in Canada) last week it was around -28 celcius... (-36 with the wind factor) I hate winter! :ugh3:

Any other idea about this, guys?

Thanks again
Block heaters for the win, get one, you wont regret it.
Starter Solenoid could be bad..
Cars make all kind of noises in cold weather, specially the one we're having right now. :ugh3:

I'd say probably the fact that the oil is so thick at the time and it takes longer to reach the moving parts in the motor, once it reaches the noise goes away.
lots of times you will find that the injectors make noise when they are really cold too.
sounds like your starter, Both my vehicles had the same issue, durring our 20-30 below weather...
89yotarollagts, you talked about your starter, was it a simple adjustment or the starter was defect? Thanks
sounds like you Bendix drive is starting to go bad I would have it checked because if the starter is staying engaged just a bit too long it could reek havoc on your flywheel and cause even more problems. better to get it checked and be safe than sorry..
Both my vehicles have started & run just fine after the fact.... when it happened to me id just stop cranken right away. & try again... second try it would engage & start just fine... Never had the problem since because it hasnt been as cold...
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