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starting problem

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Came out from shopping yesterday, turn the key to on, the dash board no light show up at all, power window... nothing work. head light on o.k, can't start the car look like a dead battary. Replace a new battary same thing.
Anyone have this problem before 94 V6LE
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alternator....:dunno: need more info from your end to help you out more...
I don't think that is the case, since with new battary in, I can't even start the car, the car don't even turn over.
Thanks !
check the main fuse box in the engine bay and look at he main fuses.
i would suggest looking at the fuses as well.
Thank you people for respone, all fuse o.k, The shop just call me say there is no power go into the emmission, the emmission switch is bad. They going to order a new emmission switch and check where it short. Will that possible ?
is not the emmission , wrong information, is the ignition switch,
i wonder how much that cost
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