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starting problem

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first off sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place...
my daughter has a 1981 toyota corolla 1.8 that usualy
runs great, old car but works good. just out of the blue
one day went to start it and "click" it's not like the
starter acted like it was going out gradualy, it was just.
sudden, battery is brand new, but what is a little strange
is that it seems like the click isn't when you turn the
key to start but when you realease the key as if it
started when you hear the click, it's
"turn realsease click" any opinions or ideas on this
very appreciated..p.s the click is definatly comming
from the starter.....thanx..charlie
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If it's the original starter it may well need replacing. You could have the current rebuilt as an alternative. Or maybe it's just the connections. If you are mechanically inlcined you could replace it yourself without to much trouble.
well I don't know if anyone will get back to read this but
I got the old starte off and whewww what a friggen
job!! well it's the wierdest thing i have ever seen for
a starter looks like two motors conncected together.
but in a word me and a friend took it apart and it
was all rusty and burnt up looking inside and little
pices of debris fell out and we tried to bench test it
with no putting another one on tommorrow
and hoping it starts...if not you will be hearing from
me..thank all of you...charlie..
Let us know if the new starter fixes the problem:thumbup:
Well from you reporting all the bits and pieces falling out it looks like it may be the starter. I was going to say that sometimes when I turn the key on my old Corolla all I get is a click. In this case though, it's a matter of corroded battery terminals. I'll pull off the connectors (doing them in the right order), wipe them down, and reattach them. Then it starts up fine. A very simple fix and a relief not to worry about a bad starter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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