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Starting Troubles on a 2005

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Hello, I'm new here so please be gentle.

I have a 2005 Corolla with 41,000 miles on it. It's been a great car so far.

However, I've noticed lately that it's been starting a bit hard. Just takes a little too long to fire, IMO.

Then this morning, my wife went to start it and it wouldn't start at all. Turned over, but wouldn't start.

I went to take a look at it. When I tried starting it, it sounded a little funny when I turned the ignition. It did end up starting, but then it was idleing at almost 2000 rpms, which seemed high to me, and smelled of gas.

Then my wife tells me that she has been smelling gas once in a while too.

Any ideas?
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long crank?

I have seen this problem a few times and I believe it is insufficient fuel pressure after the vehicle has been parked for long periods of time (long enough to cool down) go and talk to your toyota dealer they should know something about this as I believe toyota has posted a bulletin on this condition. Good luck.
I also have an 05 Corolla and had a similar problem. I ended up taking it to the dealer 3 times, insisting that it was taking a long time to crank. First two times they said nothing was on the computer, so nothing got fixed.

Third time they found something, reprogrammed the comp and it's started like a champ since.

Sorry I don't have too many details, but I'd say to take it to the dealer.
Ghost said:
wasn't there a recall for that?
There was a thread on this subject that was a couple thousand posts long with people all having the same type of starting problems on their 05 models...

Find out what they did about it by going to the top right on this forum and in the "search forum" tab type in 05 corolla starting problem...

Hope this helps

ur fuel evaporizez close to the block, so before u crank it keep the ign on for a sec or two and let the fuel come to the injectors... that helped me a great deal...

Their is a new new fuel tank pump updated part and and a computer update for the corollas
Contact your dealer
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