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startup problem(2000 solara V6)

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hey, guys!there is a problem about my car confused me for several weeks.

The symptom:
When the engine is cool, there is no problem.
However, when the engine is warmed up(when I picked up my dinner or went to the post office), You need turn the key twice to start the car up. At the first time, the engine shaked likes a soaking dog. the Rpm is very low(about 200 rpm). sometimes the engine would turn off automatically.
The way I did is turn the engine off, then start it again. The engin would work at this time.

Could anyone tell me where the problem is?
I really appreciate your help.
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Find out if the AutoZone in the area will read diagnostic codes for free. If so, stop by and see if any codes are stored.

Suggest you download the service info for the Camry at the link below. The Gen_4 Camry has the same engine(s). 2.2 5-L4 5-SFE and 3.0L V6 1MZFE.

I would check the IAC valve, perhaps fuel pressure, injector system. The manual should have a trouble shooting section.
bringing back a thread from the dead - i too have a starter problem. however, when i turn the key, all i get is a click. i have to turn the key anywhere from 3-5 times (hearing a click) until the car finally starts. when it starts, everything sounds normal. do you guys think it could be the contacts in the solenoid in the actual starter? i found a repair kit on eBay and am hoping that would be the cheap solution to the problem. any thoughts would be appreciated.
The manual should have a trouble shooting section.
the link no longer works, does anyone have a better link. i really would like this manual, TIA.
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