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Hi all. I have a 2003 tundra with about 210k miles, i noticed moisture underneath the CV boots (outers, i think, on both front passenger and front driver sides) for some time, but today i noticed the passenger side boot leaking a small amount. My question is, does this look like the boot itself is leaking (i.e. its torn or cracked) or is one of the clamps loose or something? Any way to tell for sure? Ill attach some pics for reference. The first two are of the passenger side. the third is the driver side one which isnt even leaking, but also seems...damp?

Edit: upon further inspection, DEFINITELY torn CV boot, right in the middle. Any idea how much it would cost to replace, and whether or not i should replace the boot itself or the whole assembly? Also, just to confirm, thats the OUTER CV boot, correct?

Edit 2: I did some looking and i think this is the steering rack boot? Can anyone confirm? In that case, im seeing threads about needing the whole steering rack assembly replaced to the tune of $1500 :cry:


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