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Steering rack bushings for echo!!???

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My 2000 echo is about to hit 340,000 miles and is still going. The manual steering rack bushings are just about worn out and I can't find just the replacement bushings? I bet there's a Toyota car that uses the same size bushings from energy suspension or something. Anyone ever solved this issue? Don't want to replace the whole rack for nothing just to get new bushings.
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Hi there,

Try ebay item number 182975783917, or search it's title: "4552252010 Genuine Toyota BUSH, STEERING RACK 45522-52010".

I'm unsure how important that dash in the part number is, but I do believe this is the correct part for these cars.

I can't remember for sure where I got this info, but I had the same question for my daughter's 2003 Echo. Pretty sure it came from this forum, which is why I trust the info enough to pass it along... although I haven't personally tried them yet.

If you do use these, holler back and let everyone know what you think of them! :)
Thanks for supplying those part numbers. I looked it up and I dont think its the correct bushing it doesnt look like the one thats on there. Here is the one on ebay that looks correct for the passenger side. Its also on the autozone website for around $16 and looks just like this ebay one. The challenge s finding the driver side ones. There are two cylindrical ones that the mounting bolts go through.

The driver side ones I cant find will likely look like these yaris ones. For all I know these might fit?? Just need more info

YIKES...and then YIKES again! Once for my being wrong and sending you in the wrong direction, and again at seeing an ebay seller wanting $68 for what should be a <$10 bushing!!! Ugh.

Well, if all goes well I'll have my daughter's car over her college Christmas break and I'll be able to tear into hers and spend some time at my local parts store, opening every single box of bushings until I find something that'll work. Won't be the first time I've spent an hour or more perusing the goods...won't be the last.

Between the two of us (and anyone else who chimes in), hopefully this will get solved for less than a day's wages. And my apologies for having the wrong info. Glad you were able to set the record straight...hate to think I'd be sending future readers in the wrong direction.
I actually have a complete manual rack for your car, with 170k miles, but it's my parts hoard for two Echo's driven by my granddaughter and myself. The rack is outer tie rod end to tie rod end and not from a rust belt state. There is a metal collar inside the bushing (it has two on that side), not sure whether it is removable or not but if the bushing is getting sloppy, maybe you could shim it with some aluminum, like the stuff you wrap wood with on houses. Another option would be to have bushings made, but they would have to be capable of being installed, which might be why they are not offered separately, due to difficulty of installation.

At that mileage it might be worthwhile to get a used rack assembly, since there are other wear points that could be at their design limits. If you can get one that is outer tie rod to outer tie rod, then you could replace ALL the wear parts at the same time.

You could install two washers to compress the bushing and tighten things up some, rubber or metal. We used to do that to tighten up the trailing arms on the 280ZXs and 300 ZXs we specialized in working on two decades ago.

As a general rule the collars inside the bushings indicate they can be replaced. They remind me (the bushungs) of some types of sway bar bushings, but finding one that fits correctly could take a lot of time and frustration.
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Thanks for the reply's . Latest update is we cant find bushings anywhere and very few places offer manual racks at all. Its looking like $250 - $300 to get a re-manufactured one from rock auto. They cat give a deifinitice answer on the shipping costs to return the core. Local places like Napa, Auto Zone, O reilys advance auto sell them on their websites but say out of stock. Its like holy cow why is this so hard to find?!
I got in touch with that sell those blue bushings and they said they dont have the rack bushings. I found this on EBay and it actually says the word Echo in the weird text buts its kind of hard to distinguish what years they are talking about. Does the 2000-05's use the same bushings?

Simple solution. Loosen the rack, take the bracket off that holds the bushings in place. Buy a strip of rubber and wrap it around the existing busing to where you can barely get the hold down bracket started to tighten it back up. The rubber strip acts as a shim to tighten everything up.
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Update: So my work had a cool event where I earned a $200 ebay gift card. I used that to order a reman rack and pinion for the echo making it cost $80 total. I also emailed a performance bushing company that is checking for compatibility options for the echo with my VIN#. Once the reman unit shows up Ill take some measurements and pics of the stock bushings for everyone to see and hopefully some info on the nicer aftermarket bushings. The echo hit 340,000 over the weekend so I'm thinking it might be best to start fresh assuming the rack and pinion teeth have slack by this point. Ultimately Im planning to restore the car and repaint it since its such a good commuter its worth redoing all over again with a rebuilt motor. Saved tons of money and I only pay $212 a year for insurance.
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Congrats! I'd definitely be interested in those measurements... although the previous post's mentioning of creating a DIY bushing appeals to my inner MacGyver :)
I really was considering that too but the high mileage on the rack and pinion teeth made me just think start over.
Makes sense. Will be interested in hearing if the replacement rack tightens up the steering. Part of me wonders if Toyota built em well enough to survive this long without excessive wear...and the other part of me thinks "That's a whole lotta miles".
Update: So my manufactured steering rack from fifiusa on Ebay ended up being a scam seller. They sent me a leaky junk yard power steering unit with blown out bushings and black spray paint caked all over it. Had to start the return process so I can get my $280 back. Good news though! I found a company that sells the hard to find bushings but they are out of stock but they list the part numbers for the echo and these part numbers match up to the yellow performance ones from that other seller on Ebay I posted earlier! So Im going to take a chance and order the bushings and see if its a match!

Here are the specs the performance bushing seller gave me.
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Thank you for the update & specs! Looking forward to hearing how the bushings work out! :)
There was a polyurethane brand I bought for my power rack, but I haven't been able to find it. It's Siberian (both where it's produced and the brand). Not sure the polyurethane is adding any kind of sporting characteristics or not, but it may last longer/better in colder environments than rubber.

Also, I'm on my original PS pump and steering rack at 571,000 miles with no problems thus far, and she's even run without a belt for a few hundred miles before (it came loose and I decided to cut it off until I could repair... better than having the accessory belt come off, too).
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