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Steering Shudders Under Braking

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I mean violently too. What is up???:headbang:
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I had that also on this truck when I started restoring it..
New rotors and pads took care of it, I also put new shocks also.

Depending on miles you may or may not need the new shocks...
but you are in def need of new "Good" Rotors and Pads.
Sounds like a warped rotor for sure. Get the good ones not cheap Chinese knock offs.
Rotors X2
Had the same issue on my 1994 2wd. Steering wheel would shake bad while braking at any speed. Was down rite dangerous braking at highway speed. Changed the rotors and pads (and repacked bearings while I was in there). No more problems.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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