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For the last two days I have been trying to get my steering stabilizer changed out. Yesterday I managed to get the bolts out that hold it at the frame and then the pin and bolt that hold the stabilizer at the steering linkage. This is where my anger begins.

After not being able to tap out the stud with a hammer I made a trip to the local NAPA. I was on the hunt for PB Blaster and I found it there. Got my truck back home, douched the stud, the threads, and behind the rubber dampner. I allowed the PB Blaster to settle for a bit and then tapped it with a hammer. NOTHING....not even a budge. After repeating these steps for a while I hung it up and came in to study.

Today, I started working at 3:15 and within about 15 min I had no results and was so pissed off that I chucked the can of non-working PB Blaster and then put all my crap away.

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting that bloody stud out? I am really ready to cut it off with an angle grinder and then get something that will feed through and I can bolt on both sides. What should I do?

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Go back to the parts store and borrow/rent a pickle fork.
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