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Can some of you check if your steering wheel is at the angle to the vehicle long axis, like mine is?
Measured from the driver seat backrest, window side of the steering wheel is one inch farther away than the passenger side of steering wheel.
One inch. I could easily say it's crooked by simply looking at the angle of my elbow driving, but finally measured it today. My TCH SW is same way, maybe a bit less.
Some say - no big deal, who cares. Actually, it is.
1. Ergonomically, it's tiresome. Body knows something's not symmetrical.
2. Safety wise - points airbag at your left shoulder, not at the center of your body:surprise: How this helps with airbag deployment I am not sure.

Please, measure yours - mine is 2012 - and let me know. :nerd:

Thank you

PS Reason it's that way, they aligned SW with dashboard. Dashboard is not perpendicular to the vehicle long axis and driver, it's at the angle. Dumm. But it is what it is.
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