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Steering wheel audio controls

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I just purchased an '08 Tacoma DoubleCab (and I LOVE it!!) but it came with the single CD system. Is the harness for the steering wheel controls already in place so all I have to do is install the control pod, or am I out of luck when I upgrade to the 6 CD changer?
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I believe you will need a new air bag, the controls, and the wiring to make it work.
Yup .. I too am working on that swap to get the steering wheel controls .. you need a completely different steering wheel with new air bag. I still need to check on the harness issue and wiring to the radio ..
Well, the controls were pretty meager anyway, so I wouldn't miss them. I'll just get the 6CD changer and be done with it. However, keep us informed on your upgrade!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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