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So the title is a little confusing, but basically the paint or dye or whatever on my steering wheel has already started to deteriorate. Cars a 09 corolla s with a black leather wrapped steering wheel. I've had it since 2008 and its my baby. Im pretty ocd about washing my hands and I hardly sweat so I didn't think this would happen to my steering wheel, at least not this soon. That said, I live in southern California where I guess heat damage substitutes for rust damage.

Anyways , its getting pretty ugly. The dye (at least I think its dye, go ahead and call me an idiot here if I'm totally wrong) gets semi sticky and I guess me gripping the wheel is starting to smudge it because I'm getting matte looking surfaces and spots of lighter black.

What are my options here, guys/gals? New wheel? Have the wraps reupholstered? Is that possible and if so would itt likely be cheaper? What about having the wheel restored? Or is that stupid? In any case, short of some miracle polishing technique I feel like I'm looking at having my dealership/stealership handle this unless anyone has recommendations for places in los Angeles. I'm up for spending some money on this because its genuinely distracting me while I drive now

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