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2010 Corolla LE
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I have a brand new, never used, and in original package, AXXESS ASWC Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface. I had originally bought two of them with the hopes of upgrading the stereos in both of my cars, but I decided to put in an older head unit that didn't have the interface capability in one of the cars.

This unit is awesome! In my Subaru, there was absolutely no programming necessary. All I had to do was connect the correct wires between the HU and Factory harness and isolate the unused wires. Plug everything back in and turn the key on. It automatically detected my car and HU type. It was that easy. It has a port (need appropriate USB cable) to upgrade the firmware if you have a newer vehicle or head unit, so you can move it from one vehicle or HU to anther without worry. The firmware should be up to date with the majority of 2010 vehicles as it is only a month old. You may research all of its capabilities at

I am asking $45 +shipping. All other offers will be considered.

This unit is a lot less hassle than the PAC interface and will work with any aftermarket HU that allows for wired remote input. Again, this is brand new, never used, and in original packaging.

Don't let this sit on the shelf in my closet. PM me if you are interested.

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