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steering wheel

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can ne one tell me how to remove the steering wheel wit an air bag wit out poping it itz a 93 4dr
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No,you'll hurt yourself.

Just kidding.

Disconnect batt.

Make sure key is out of ignition switch. Wait a few minutes for charge to run down.

Two plastic side panels on side of steering wheel, pop them.
Undo bolts. Airbag comes out. Unplug.

Undo center nut. Wheel comes off. Do not place airbag face down.
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haha good lookin man been tryin to find out for a while i strippd the whole inside of my car took everything out an paintd it blue an white steering wheels only thing left i didnt wanna break sumthin on ME tryin to take it out....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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