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Stereo question

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On my 90 DX, I have the stock high mounted stereo. I also notice that some of these (88-92) cars have the stereo mounted below the heater control. Is there any advantage when adding a aftermarket unit? Will the harness reach from the top to bottom location? What about the antenna? Thanks.
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I thought all sedans had them mounted higher and the coupes all had them mounted under the heater controls. Doubt the wiring on the coupe would reach since it was designed to reach where it is now.
OK. Thanks. I was not aware that the difference was between coupes and sedans. Probably keep it where it is and when I install the new one place it there. No holes that way.
No no, I've seen some of them with say... a radio on the top location, then a tape deck on the bottom square with a pocket under it.

Same as the AE102s, they have the radio/tape deck on top then a CD player on the bottom since people usually got them as optional.

Yeah, the coupes only use the bottom double-din location since the dash is different.

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Thanks for the info and the pic.
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