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stereo trim removal? 92 es

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anyone know how to remove the trim around the radio/equalizer in a 92 es300. the equalizer buttons (bass/treble/etc) are really loose and falling inward. i need to tighten them up.
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impossible. had new head unit install done by stereo shop therfore i had my stock radio out. the huge black trim piece is a part of the radio and cant be taken out while the stock radio is in the installed position. it's held by several screws and clips that wount be accessible w/o removing the radio itself. and to remove the radio itslef.. good luck, i've seen the shop's guys do it and it's a bunch of interior pieces taken out b4 you can get to the screws holdin the radio itself.. therefore, i suggest you bring that to a stereo shop.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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