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Steve's back, this time with a 5 spd

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Hey guys, its me steve. I used to be on here all the time, but a new job left me with little to no time to jump on. Unfortunately I was a proud owner of a mint 94 camry 2 door coupe V6. It was almost done. Custom installed stereo (same as current, itemized below), intake, custom 2" pipe to magnaflow muffler, 18" rims, tinted windows, clear bumper lights and tails :)( now gone) get the picture.

But alas, life goes on, so I took my insurance check after that camry hit a wall (control arm snapped at 120 on the hwy) and bought none other than another camry.

This one is a 4 door, but I take a lot of condolence in the fact that its 5spd, wow, what a difference!!

Mods so far:
18" Majustic chrome rims (they survived somehow)
Clear bumper lights (on route)
2X 12" Rockford HE2 subs (custom installed)
Rockford BD 500 mono block amp (custom installed)
Clarion 400.4 4 channel amp (custom installed)
Xpower 1 farat cap (custom installed)
Clarion DXZ925 head unit (motorized face)

On the way:
Magnaflow muffler w/ 2" pipe
RMM front bumper (have it already, need 2 paint + install)
Suspension technologies 1.3" lowering springs
KYB shocks
Powerslot front rotors w/ TRD calipers
Tint, love my tint
PRM/Injen intake (the holes in my factory box aren't quite doing it for me!!):rolleyes:
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I want a v6 5spd so bad. How big of a difference?
Dude, You know with all those mods, you gotta show us some pics.
V6 BIG difference

To say there is a difference would be an understatement. The 5 spd on the V6 motor is like driving a whole new car!!! I mean, its no porsche, but it certainly makes up for the lag off the line I noticed on my old automatic. Also, in 94 camry's had an all aluminum block, a little 93 is now cast iron, heavier and loses 3 hp, but I would say this one is wayyy faster.
Apparantly, V6 5spds were only made in 92 and 94, limited production, who knows if thats true b/c until I bought this one, I had no idea they even made one!!!!:eek:
Pics of my ride

You can see some pics @ its a little car club I belong to. There are limited pics of my new 4 door 5spd on there from darknights, as well there might be some left from my old coupe :(
welcome with the new and improved cam! I love my 92 SE V6 Man. Cam!
Hey playa! Welcome back.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your 2dr and glad nobody was hurt. The flipside, great to hear that you stuck with a 5spd Camry like an OG.

I didn't know you won 3rd at DKN. Congrats! I see you've got some nice things planned in the near future. I can 't wait to see them. Let us know how you make out.

I know you've been busy, but you know you're always welcome here. Come to some meets for old time sake. Bring the crew with ya. Lastly, the ladies dub is lookin' sharp too.
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