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either or

  • subaru wrx sti

    Votes: 32 68.1%
  • lancer evo

    Votes: 13 27.7%
  • neither

    Votes: 2 4.3%
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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

IMHO, the Evo would be the way to go. The Evo outhandles the STi. I mean, if you want MEAN HANDLING, Evo is the way to go. If you want more "ho-hum" handling, then Sti.

The Evolution is the winner but they are both about the same. We have better braking and better handling capabilities.

Let the flaming begin.....

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^ i won't flame you...

i will say this though. Mitsubishi will void your entire warranty if you participate in an auto-x anywhere. they have people/bots looking all of this up & when they find your name/liscence plate info or anything your warranty will be voided entirely.

on the other hand, Subaru gives you with the purchase of a new STi one free year of auto-x with your local SCCA.

its pretty evident to see how differently the companies view the actual use of their cars for what they were inspired by & built for, namely the track/auto-x/rally.

if you do not want to ever take your car to a auto-x/track/rally then i guess you could choose an Evo.

i personally would go with the STi :D


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Mitsubishi will void your warrenty if they catch you driving it the way it was built to be driven!?!

Thats the most retarded thing i have ever heard. Screw Mistsubishi then, get the STi, i think they look cooler and hell if Subaru wants to give you a SCCA membership for a year, then that shows they believe in the quality and ability of their cars.

if Mitsubishi wont back their cars in anything but normal driving, then whats the point?

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^ :werd:

You said it yourself. You want to buy a car built purposely for rally/auto-x, so picking a manufacturer who won't back they "rally" car is pointless.

As for my choice, I'd pick the Subaru STI. If you can get your hands on an older gen Mitsu Evo, then go for it, cuz those things look HOT!!

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i know in i think motor trend there was a comparision of the new evo FQ430, and the 05 STi (both the british versions) and the FQ430 raped teh STi in every single aspect.

if we end up receiving the FQ430, i'd go for that, that thing is amazing, and the name is sweet (fuckin quick)

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RallyArt EVO.
Acturally, if you wanna go Rally, get and old car. Unless you've been Rallying for years. Cause you'll wreck it sooner or later. Parts need to be replace sometime. With an old car you can get junkyard parts for cheap.
A fast car won't let you win if you can't control it.

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I think the EVO is a good car on paper and by itself, but Mitsubishi Motor's SUCKS. They are on the verge of bankrupsy, they are voiding warranties (because they are scared the cars will break, and they want to save money)

Subaru is the clear winnar to me.

Lets say Honda made the EVO VIII, and they supported it like Subaru did the STi, then there would be a question in my mind.

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The EVO is the better handler so That is what I would get. Every comparison I have read says that if you want the "drivers" car, then get the EVO. Plus I like it's styling better and that new model with even more performance is coming out soon.

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I like both:) Let's see if I can't get a right hand drive one in England when I move to Europe:D Or maybe even a Skyline hmmmmmmm...............................:D
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