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Is there any ways i can change from auto or STICK??????

i dun care how much, i need to do it!!!!!
then turbo!!!!

I need "STICK"

someone help me out!

thanks ppl!
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Tranny swap from a 5 speed.

I'd just trade that sucker in. Not worth risking reliability.

haha........i really wanna just swap the tranny, and why? cuz my matrix is in a HIGH HIGH HIGH kms! no one will ever find out how much and i dun wanna say it, too much, maybe double or yours! so count! lol...........well........i really wanna swap it if not then i might just get a Dodge SRT-4

i dunno anymore!
I thought you got the Turbo Talon? What's going on and where have you been Bibby?

i had the eagle talon, but.......sold it! the car was not that great! i didnt like it after, but yea, ive been around, i cant show up at the meeting man, my matrix is a MESSed rite now!!!! lol...........

yo, are u interested in a Pioneer Ph-6600 DVD flip out screen with TOUCH screen? and a 12' sub(Infinity) and a Apline V12 expert amp???

im selling those in a package!!!

reply back!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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