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sticky gunk on door seals

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My 95 LE has this grey ( like plumber's putty ) sticky stuff coming from behind the door panels onto the door seals on the back doors. I've cleaned it up a few times but it keeps oozing out and smearing unsuspecting passengers.
Does anyone else have this problem and what the heck is this stuff anyway?
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The sticky gunk is used to hold down the plastic moisture barrier behind the door panel.

If you remove the door panel you'll see a plastic sheet covering the door.
I thought that the OEM stuff was black and fairly solid, like caulking. I've never seen this runny stuff before.
i have that problem on my 95 and my dads 95 (only on the rear drivers side). its that stupid door gasket near the back seat. Question... is yours on the same side?
i have this black super thick sticky stuff coming out of my driver side passenger door on my 93 le too. is there a permanant solution to get rid of it?
Yeah it plagues my Cam occasionally. Goo-Gone works nicely...
i have the same problem aswell :eek:
its on the left rear door, same as you guys.....
Mine is on both rear doors.

Maybe the stuff they use has to be mixed and they didn't put in enough hardener.

The only permanent solution I can think of would be to remove the panel and replace the barrier. I guess one could use regular caulking to install the new plastic.
My 95 LE has the gray/black goo coming out of the rear doors as well. Only happens in the summer when its hot out. I just spray it down with WD40 and wipe it off before i wash the car....takes care of it until more runs out.

i have the same thing oozing out in my left rear door...

How do you stop it?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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