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Sticky Right Caliper

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Hope you can help me out (for the benefit of me and the others who could have the same problem). My 84 Corolla has a sticky break problem on the right front wheel. Everytime I use it, the right wheel (front) would smell as if it is burning and the decrease in torque is very noticable after 20 Minutes of driving. If I pour some water to the right wheel, smoke would instanly show. I noticed that maybe one of my nuckle bering has a small play, can this be causing my sticky break?

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sounds like ur caliper may be seized...when is the last time u've had ur brakes checked??......
I brought my car to the shop and they replaced the brake kits, adjusted the powerbooster rod. I have paid so much for it but nothing is changed, the break (right front) is still sticking, there is also a queeking sound on that wheel sometime after 30 minutes of driving... I need your expert guys like you...
brake kits?? you mean brake pads maybe?? that's not what you need.. you need your calipers rebuilt or some new ones put on.. come on guys.. where the plips at when you need some translation here. :)
Hi Ren69,

Yes I mean break pads, pistons and rubber caps. Should I rebuild both left and right calipers? Do I need to re-grind the break disk? What could be sqeeling on that wheel?

Thanks again,
Also check the sliders. They need caliper grease and maybe some rubber boots. You may need to replace the pins too. Fix the sticking before you touch the rotor.
Where can I find the sliders?
Ask for brake hardware. The main company that makes them is called carlson.
Where you remove the bolt for the caliper. 2 rubber boots and they're suppose to move freely. Push the pins out and see how bad they're. You may need to sand the rust out. Get the pins and boots from Toyota.
Definitely check those pins. Whern you remove the part of teh caliper that allows you to replace pads those pins will slide out of the rubber boots jsut using your fingers. Clean and regrease them.

I've personally checked the right caliper and found out :

1. One of the sliding pins (which places the brake pad to its position- is this the sliding pin you are telling me?) is missing: the lower pin at the inner side.

2. Whenever I push the break pedal, it would take 20 to 30 seconds before the break would return to its original position. (I can bleed the break without an assistant, when I press the pedal, I can go to the caliper and bleed it : fluid actually coming out).

Any more ideas guys?
Update 2:

For the benefit of toyota owners the problem is the flexible hose- the idiot mechanic used a wire to fasten the flexi tube in position, the wire acted as a check valve delaying the fluid return and fracturing the flexible hose.

Car runs fine without sticky brakes since the replacement of the flexi-tube!!!
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