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Short story: 7GME with BHG just got replaced along with a valve job. I got the car back and noticed the throttle sticking quite a bit while driving. This became very apparent when I parked it and the throttle was stuck open at 4k rpms. Mechanic that did the work says that the throttle return spring is bad. The problem is that we don't know the original weight of the spring and Toyota doesn't make an OEM spring.

Also, I cleaned the throttle body with carb cleaner when I got the car about 15k miles ago. He said that he also cleaned it when he removed it to do replace the head gasket.

Does anyone know what weight spring would work for this engine? Any other ideas on what would cause the throttle to stick open? Should I just buy a universal kit and try them all?

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The spring tension isn't very critical.
As long as it can pull the throttle closed in reasonable time when you stop pushing it, then any spring will do.
Just visit a local junk yard and take a similar spring from a wrecked car.

Too weak means the throttle won't close when you lift your foot up.
Too strong means your foot gets tired holding the pedal down on long drives.

- Stepho

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I have yet to see that myself but it does happen. surprising since there are like 6 that close it. I think it's a lot more likely you have a sticking throttle cable holding it open. test yourself: pull the rod off that links the throttle linkage with the cables to the throttle body itself and move the throttle plate by hand. if it sticks open, yea, several bad springs. if it snaps closed, it's something else.

I've got spare throttle bodies with springs if you want to replace the whole shebang to be sure.
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